We are fortunate to field three plus teams each spring and one team each fall. Our goal is to have a strong program, not just a strong team or two. All teams practice in the same area, at generally the same time, and we look for opportunities to schedule program-wide events throughout the season.


This team is comprised of our more skilled male players. Players placed on this team often have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the game and frisbee skills or come from other athletic backgrounds and hone their frisbee skills early in the season.


We take a lot of pride in helping grow the sport of Ultimate at the youth level. Growing players need a place to develop their skills and learn the game. That is the idea behind our boy's JV team. This mix of up-and-coming boy Ultimate players competes against other JV teams of similar skill-level across the state.

Girl's varsity

Growing the number of girl players and teams in Ultimate is a goal not only at the state level, but at the national level as well. White Bear Lake Ultimate has been ahead of that trend and has had an all girls team since the program's inception in 2005. There are more and more opportunities for Girls teams in terms of competition, tournaments and clinics with the rise in women's Ultimate. Currently, our Girls program only competes at the Varsity level, though with the number of players constantly growing, we hope to be able to field both a varsity and JV team soon. 

Mixed Varsity (Fall League)

Unlike our other three teams, this team is played in the fall season (August-October). Also different, this team plays 6 v 6 with each school fielding 3 girls and 3 boys at a time. This team is newer to the program, beginning in 2017 and is open to any and all players.